Getting Started
A pilot car, or PEV(Pilot Escort Vehicle), is an escort vehicle that travels with over dimensional loads to ensure the safe movement of an over dimensional vehicle and the safety of the motoring public.
A pilot car operator, or PEVO(Pilot Escort Vehicle Operator), is responsible for a few different aspects involved in moving an over dimensional vehicle. These can be a range of things from acting as an advanced warning device to the motoring public, to acting as a tillerman, or steerman, responsible for steering the rear axels on a long load via remote control.
To become a PEVO, you must have reliable transportation, the proper equipment to operate in your state(or any state in which you may travel), a recognized certification, and the ability to possibly be away from home for an extended period of time.
  • Required Items
  • Minimum of two flashing amber lights on roof.
  • 10lb fire extinguisher.
  • Two 12"x72" "Oversize Load" signs(bumper mount).
  • One roof mounted 12"x72" "Oversize Load" sign.
  • Red/orange 18" square safety on each side of roof at a 45 degree angle.
  • Red/orange 18" square safety flag on each bumper corner(state specific - Iowa).
  • Red/orange 18" hand flag.
  • CB radio.
  • Handheld CB radio.
  • 18" stop/slow paddle.
  • 24" stop/slow paddle(state specific - Oklahoma).
  • Eight 30 minute road flares.
  • Nine safety triangles.
  • Three 18" traffic cones with reflective collar.
  • Three 36" traffic cones with reflective collar(state specific - Florida).
  • Hard hat(color specific - Utah - must be orange in color).
  • Flashlight with 6" orange tip.
  • One spare oversize load sign(84"x18").
  • First aid kit.
  • Class 2 safety vest.
  • Full size spare tire.
  • Tire jack and lug wrench.
  • Height pole(constructed of non-conductive materials).
  • Recommended(Optional) Items
  • 48" or larger lightbar for maximum warning light output.
  • UHF/VHF radio.
  • Laptop/tablet with programmable route GPS.
We recommend a choice between two lightbars which are SAE certified. The Whelen Liberty is our personal favorite, but we also recommend the Feniex Fusion(Single Color). For maximum safety always use a minimum of a 48" overhead lightbar.