176,417 Safe Miles

To Current Date

Accurate Routing

For accurate routing we don't just rely on paper maps which can become outdated, we also use GPS software to map the route turn by turn ensuring that your cargo is always going in the correct direction.


Our crew is experienced in lead, chase, height-pole, and steer. We have the skillset to get the job done right the first time.


Reliability is one of our main priorities. We take pride in our equipment and keep it maintained for maximum reliability.

As Seen On PilotCar.TV™

Pilotcar.tv™ is about promoting safety and awareness in the movement of overdimensional loads. Pilotcar.tv™ is about videos of professional pilot cars and oversize load truckers in action giving them a chance to showcase their work internationally here on Pilotcar.tv™ and on our YouTube Channel.

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